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Gradual Visual Startle. Photo: Anna-Maria Svedberg

All 48 dogs performed the Acoustic Startle, 42 dogs performed Visual Startle, 31 dogs performed Gradual Visual Startle and 39 dogs preformed Searching Subtest. In Göteborg 25 dogs were tested, 18 in Märsta and five in Sollefteå. A total of 21 dogs (44 %, 10 males and 11 females) passed the standardized behavioural test and went into the SAF training program to become police or military dogs.

Behaviours displayed during the different subtests

Mean frequency of the point event behaviours during the four different subtests analysed during the Standardised Behavioural Test used by Swedish Armed Forces to select future police- or military dogs. SE +/-2 *=p<0.05 **=p<0.001
Mean durations (seconds) of the behaviours in the behaviour groups a) Interactions with human b) Vocalisations c) Orientation during the four different subtests. SE +/-2 *=p<0.05 **=p<0.001 (*)=p<0.06

Principal Component Analysis was used to reduce the amount of variables into diffrent factors. A total number of eight PCAs were performed, two for each subtest. The First PCA for each subtest was based upon the durations of  behaviours relating to body posture, and 13 body posture factors from the four subtests were chosen as best fit of data. The second PCA for each subtest were based upon behaviours relating to reactions to stimuli and 14 reaction to stimuli factors was chosen as best fit of data.

Correlation analysis between the different body posture factors revealed a negative correlation between Body Posture factor scores from Visual Startle Caution (high loading on low body position) and Graduak Visual Startle Neutral Body posture (r=-0.477, p=0.007). A positive correlation between factor scores from Visual Startle High Body posture and Searching High Bodyposture was revealed (r=0.459, p=0.004) as well as a positive correlation between factor scores from Acoustic Startle Submission (Neutral body posistion with ears folded and head lowered) and Searching Subtest High Body posture (r=0.315, p=0.05) (Figure 3). 

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