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Among the strains and isolates in this study, CC398 were found to be the most virulent strain and UOAS406 the most virulent isolate in the G. mellonella model.

The survival results from the G. mellonella model were coherent with the CHI score AUC results, validating the CHI scoring system as a non-destructive way of assessing the virulence of MRSA in the G. mellonella model. Together with an improved CFU assay, the two assays can give valuable insights about the virulence of MRSA isolates or strains rapidly.

Counting present genes in different groups gave a significant, but weak, correlation between number of virulence genes and CHI score AUC,  implicating that a low number of virulence genes is beneficial to the bacteria.  

As a complement to the virulence profiling, a metabolism or gene expression analysis could be performed that would give valuable information for further analysis.

To further test the virulence of S. aureus isolates, and to once more confirm the validity of the G. mellonella model and the CHI scoring system, a vertebrate model, such as a mouse model, is an adequate next step for analysis.

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