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Study area and sites. White (unoccupied) and red (occupied) circles represent traps. Large grey circles represent largest scale used (6,000 m)

102 sex pheromone traps around Östergötland used to catch the moth

Used a tree database to measure habitat elements

2 tree groups:

Oaks and non-oaks

6 categories:

All, >450 cm circumference, hollow stage >3, located in open areas, >450 cm circumference located in grasslands, hollow stage >3 located in grasslands

28 scales around each trap ranging from 30 m to 6,000 m

Trees summed up for every scale

Correlated species abundance with tree sums (for all categories for both tree groups) for every scale for every trap

Plotted correlation coefficient against increasing scale

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Last updated: 05/24/13