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Performed behaviours during the tests

The results showed for all data combined that the low line (the tame) birds displayed more aggressive behaviours compared to the other two lines, while the high line birds displayed more submissive behaviours.
When analyzing the sexes seperately the same pattern as described above was found for the females, where the low line females in all sessions displayed most aggressive behaviours and the high line the most submissive. While for the males did not show as clear pattern, they did not show as big differences between the line in how much they performed each behaviour, however most of the times the low line showed most aggressive behaviours.
One session which stood out in both sexes was the one in which water was used as a resouce and here, the intermediate birds displayed most submissive behaviours.

Fig 1. Mean number of performed behaviours for all birds during all sessions combined. **P<0.01, *P<0.05

Interactions with the resources

When analyzing how much each line interacted with each resource, it was found that the low lines interacted most with all resource except for the water which the intermediate line interacted most with. Also, when combining the number of interactions with all resources it was found that the low line interacted the most. When analyzing the sexes seperately the same pattern was found in both sexes.

Fig 2. Mean number of interactions with the resources. **P<0.01, *P<0.05

To see more of the results and the differences between the sexes in the result you can download the thesis under "Downloads" in the menu.

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