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Conservation implications

The study shows that S. orion butterflies inhabit open areas for dwelling and oviposition. To conserve this species it is important to preserve suitable areas. These areas should contain nectar plants and high densities of host plants. Host plants should have a large number of leaves and be surrounded by a large proportion of bare rock or bare ground. Trees shading rock outcrops and slopes should be cleared on a regular basis to allow the sun to reach nectar plants and host plants, and bushes should be pruned to prevent them from covering S. maximum plants. On the other hand, trees and bushes are important for S. orion larvae, so too many clearings may have a negative effect on the populations. Thus, it is vital to uphold canopy openness and heterogeneity in the habitats of S. orion, and this can be done by selective clearing.

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Last updated: 05/23/13