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Material and Methods

Photo: Anna-Maria Svedberg

This study was a part of Pernilla Foyers ongoing PhD project, a collaboration between the Swedish Armed Forces Dog Instruction Centre, Linköping University and the Swedish National Defence College.

Questionnaires and test results from the behavioural test (Index value and pass vs. fail) were collected from 59 dogs of the breed German Shepherd Dog. The dogs were a part of a breeding program at the Swedish Armed Force Dog Instruction Centre, SAFDIC, and potentially military working or breeding dogs. The criteria for the dogs included in this study were: (1) the puppy raiser had one last meeting with the consultants, so that they were able to receive the questionnaire; and (2) the dog was to be tested before the end of February, 2013, to make sure that the results from the behavioural test were collected before the statistical analysis were made. Of the 59 dogs, 31 were males and 28 were females. The dogs represented 15 different litters, which had a size ranged from 2 to 10 dogs. The dogs were born between 28th of January 2011 and 18th of September 2011. They were between 293 and 621 days old when the questionnaire were answered and they  were between 374 and 635 days old when they took the behavioural test. 

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