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Million thanks to my supervisors: Per Milberg and Karl-Olof Bergman for their help and support during the study.

I am also grateful to:

  • Heidi Paltto for her valuable comments on the manuscript
  • Mattias Larsson and his research team from Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet for their great ideas
  • Lars Westerberg for helping me with ArgGIS and Nicklas Jansson for sharing his knowledge on saproxylic beetles.
  • Brenda Akoto, Henrik Norman and Sofia Nygårds for being very helpful to me.
  • Johan Jensen, Klas Andersson, Kristina Bergman and Per Saarinen for helping with the field work.
  • Land-owners for granting permissions to use their land
  • Wala   och   Folke   Danielssons  fond   and   Stiftelsen  Oscar  och   Lili Lamms   minne  for the financial support
  • Family and friends for moral support. 

Thank you so much!



Responsible for this page: Agneta Johansson
Last updated: 05/29/12