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How two different predators affect the size distribution and behavior of an aquatic isopod

Master thesis in Ecology and the Environment by Johanna Karlsson

Supervisor: Anders Hargeby, IFM biology, Linköping University

Lake Tåkern in Östergötland is one of the lakes around Sweden where the aquatic isopod "Asellus aquaticus" can be found as two ecotypes. In this thesis the role of predators on the ecotypic divergence is examined.

The aim

The aim of this thesis is to examine how the presence of fish and invertebrate predators affect the two ecotypes of the isopod Assellus aquaticus in regard to behavior and size composition of the population in different substrates.


This homepage

This homepage exists to get an overview of this thesis. If you wish for more information about this project the thesis report is aviable for download under "Downloads" and you can also contact Johanna Karlsson at ka.johanna86@gmail.com.

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