Department for Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM)
Semiconductor Materials
Fredrik Karlsson

Semiconductor Physics, 6 hp

Course start:
Tuesday, August 30 (2016) at 10:15 in room BL33 (B Building, Campus Valla) (map)

Schedule (pdf)

Fredrik Karlsson (

Lab assistants:
Martin Eriksson (
Mattias Jansson (

Main textbook:
M. Grundmann: The Physics of Semiconductors. (1st or 2nd ed.)
(springer)  (bokus)   (
(previous year: about
990 SEK at Akademibokhandeln Campus)
(previous year: about 700 SEK at Bokakademin Campus)

Alternative textbooks:

C.M. Wolfe, N. Holonyak, G.E. Stillman: Physical Properties of Semiconductors.
J.H. Davies: The Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors.

Additional material
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Course Contents

Laboratory exercises in research labs at IFM.

    Lab 1: Photoluminescence Spectropscopy (PL)
    Lab 2: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)



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