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  • Course Code:
    TFFM12Perspectives on Physics / Fysikaliska utblickar, Y, Yi, 2.0 p (Swedish credits)
  • Required Background:
    High school physics
  • Goal:
    The course will give an introduction to exciting research in physics at IFM. The course serves also as training in writing of a scientific report.
  • Organization:

The course will feature ten seminars (2 hours each) given by prominent researchers at IFM. Groups of three to four students will chose a particular seminar and will write a final report of 2-3 pages. The report should be written in English. The course is given in English.


  • Instructor:
    Irina Buyanova, Professor
    Materials Science, Dept. of Physics (IFM)
    Office: E209, Fysikhuset
    Tel: 281745, E-mail:


Required presence during 80% of the seminars as well as a written report. The report should be written in English. One report should be given from a group of 3-4 students who work together on the chosen topic.

Grade: Fail/Pass.





L1: Jan 19, 10-12,


Introduction to the course. Practical issues.

Modern physics and technology: first steps

Irina Buyanova

L2: Jan 26, 1o-12, E236

Kvantprickar – Vad är det och till vad nytta?

Per-Olof Holtz

L3: Feb 2, 15-17, E236

Electronic theory of solids: from quantum mechanics towards materials design


Spin electronics – electronics of the new millennium?

Igor Abrikosov



Weimin Chen


L4: Feb 9, 15-17, E236

Quantum Light for future information technologies

Fredrik Karlsson


L5: Feb 16, 15-17, E236

Thermoelectrics - From beer can coolers to satellite power generators


Jan Stehr






L6: March 23, 10-12


Molecules connecting on surfaces - a journey to the nanoscale with computers

Jonas Björk

L7: March 30, 10-12


Carbon nanotubes and graphene – science fiction or technology of the future

Irina Buyanova


L8: Apr. 6, 10-12 E236

Plasma Physics: From Space to Laboratory

Oleksiy Vozniy

L9: Apr.11, 13-15


Röntgenspeglar; Materielvetenskap, optik och en resa I reciproka rymden för alt studera celler och svarta hål.


Nanowire sensing arrays - Can science beat a dog's nose?

Jens Birch




Jan Stehr


L10: May 9, 13-15


Organic electronics and spintronics

Mats Fahlman





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