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GaN quantum dots and wires


A solid state GaN quantum dot. Gallium nitride is a wide band gap material that has found its way into many applications, mainly due to its emission in the blue and UV wavelength regions. Quantum size effects can be used for tuning the emission from such materials, and GaN quantum dots (QD) and quantum wires (QW) have been suggested for a plethora of technological applications, ranging from blue LEDs, photodetectors, and blue lasers to fluorescent bioprobes.

The MO of an excited state in a colloidal GaN quantum dot. We study colloidal QDs and solid-state GaN QDs and QWs in AlN matrices, where the quantum-chemical computations are utilized to elucidate the mcroscopic origin of the luminiscence properties. This will enable us to suggest novel quantum structures with tailor-made optical properties,

Lars Ojamäe, Maria Lundqvist, Mathias Kula, Barbara Brena

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This work was supported by the Swedish Research Council and by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research as part of the Nano-N project.