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Computational Chemistry



Computational Chemistry (7.5 hp)


The course will start on tuesday May 4 2010 at 13.15 in room Bikupan (3B:616) in the B-building.

The exam is on thursday June 10 at 10.15 in Bikupan. Pocket calculator is allowed (as well as SI Chemial Data and Physics Handbook, although you will not need those).

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Course description. Course description

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Kursplatsen It′s Learning Till Its Learning

Literature and reading list

P. Atkins och J. de Paula: "Atkins' Physical Chemistry"
G. H. Grant och W. G. Richards: "Oxford Chemistry Primers: Computational Chemistry"
Extra reading: Andrew R. Leach: "Molecular Modelling"

Part 1 and Part 2.


The exercises are here. Till schema


Lab instructions can be found here. Till schema


An MD simulation of an acidic water solution.


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