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Better CVD for GaN

Gallium nitride is a well studied electronic material and thin GaN films for electronic applications are today routinely made by CVD. In close collaboration we are trying to improve the understanding of GaN CVD to enable better fabrication of GaN films.



A model for carbon incorporation from trimethylgallium in chemical vapor deposition of gallium nitride

Ö. Danielsson, X. Li, L. Ojamäe, E. Janzén, H. Pedersen, U. Forsberg
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016, DOI: 10.1039/c5tc03989d (FULL OPEN ACCESS)


Carbon doped GaN buffer layer using propane for high electron mobility transistor application: Growth and device results

X. Li, J. Bergsten, D. Nilsson, Ö. Danielsson, H. Pedersen, N. Rorsman, E. Janzén, U. Forsberg
Applied Physics Letters 107, 262105 (2015)


Precursors for carbon doping of GaN in chemical vapor deposition

X. Li, Ö. Danielsson, H. Pedersen, E. Janzén, U. Forsberg
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 33, 021208 (2015)

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