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Inorganic Chemistry

Welcome to Inorganic Chemistry at Linköping University

Inorganic Chemistry is the chemistry that deals with the properties and behaviour of inorganic compounds. To try and have a full knowledge of chemistry without understanding inorganic chemistry is like trying to spell words using only the letters A, C, M and U

The inorganic chemistry research at LiU is focused on materials synthesis both via synthesis of thin films by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), with a focus on understanding and developing CVD mainly for electronic materials, and via synthesis of crystals and particles on the nanoscale, with control over synthesis and properties of nanoparticles as one of the main goals. More information about current research can be found by clicking on the links below.



Undergraduate and graduate courses

The Inorganic Chemistry group gives the following courses (in full or in part):
General Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Experiments
Environmental Chemistry
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Understanding and Applying the Trends in the Periodic Table

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