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Josefina Zidar

PhD student

As a behavioural ecologist I am interested in the behaviour of animals.

My current research will focus on variation in animal personality. Personality is described as individual behavioural responses that are consistent across time or contexts. This is an exiting and relatively novel area of research within biology where key questions still remain to be answered. I am interested in why animals have different personalities, how personalities are regulated and how they are maintained in evolution.

During my PhD I aim to explore both the causes and consequences of variation in animal personalities. Thus, in my research I plan to include studies of underlying mechanisms of consistent behaviours, development of personality during ontogeny, as well as investigating what consequences these differences can have for the individual.

For the planned research I will use the r ed junglefowl and domestic fowl as my model species. They are particularly suitable as study subjects because of the great knowledge we already have on their natural behaviour, physiology and genetic makeup .  

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