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Dominic Wright

Assistant Professor

I am an associate professor working principally with quantitative traits, with an overall aim to identify and characterise how these small-effect loci can modify the overall phenotype. My lab uses a variety of different techniques, principally involving a variety of QUantitative Trait Loci (QTL) mapping and expression QTL mapping. I have worked with both zebrafish and chickens, and in both these study systems have used domesticated (or in the case of zebrafish, laboratory) strains crossed with wild-derived animals in order to identify the genetic components that separate these populations. These genetic loci can then be used to address a series of different question, outlined in brief below. More recently, I have become, in collaboration with Dr. Eben Gering, interested in the genetic responses to feralisation. Feralisation, the process whereby domestic animals are released into the wild, represents an excellent opportunity to study domestication 'in reverse' and to identify loci affected by natural and sexual selection from a different perspective. For further details please see my lab page below:


For publications see my ResearchGate profile or Google Scholar profile

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