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Hanne Løvlie

Assistant Professor

I am an evolutionary biologist with a strong interest in animal behaviour. My research falls into two main categories: sexual selection, and animal personality. I primarily use the red junglefowl and domestic fowl as my model species, but also have some experience of the use of insect models (Drosophila, Callosobruchus maculatus).

Sexual selection

Sexual selection acts through processes that can occur both before copulation (mate choice and male-male competition), and in polyandrous species also after copulation (through sperm competition and cryptic female choice). I am interested in cues influencing mating decisions and mechanisms through which individuals can bias fertilisation.

Animal personality

Despite the intuitive benefits of fully plastic behavioural responses, we observe that individuals typically show behavioural responses that are consistent within an individual over time or context, and that differ between individuals (i.e. animal personality). I am interested in the causes of such limitation in behavioural plasticity, the consequences variation in animal personality has for the individual, and the processes through which variation in animal personality can be maintained.

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