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Andrey Höglund

PhD student

My research area is epigenetics, with the focus on DNA methylation and methylation QTLs. Today we know that genetic variation does not only occur in the arrangement of the nucleotides of the DNA, but also in the methyl groups attached to the DNA. In contrast to the nucleotides, the methylation of a DNA is not fixed through a life span of an organism and can change due to various factors from the environment. The influence DNA methylation has depends on its location within the DNA, but has the power to increase gene expression and also to decrease it.

In my project I will sequence the methylated regions of the chicken DNA in pursuit of finding quantitative trait loci. Previous studies from our group have generated data for phenotypes, genotypes and gene expression for the same set of individuals I am working with. My aim is to do a methylation quantitative trait loci (metQTL) analysis, where I seek to find a linkage between numerous genotypes with different methylation patterns in various breeds of chicken

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