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Mia Ericsson


Masters' degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, Linköpings University, graduation year 2010.

PhD student since 2011 06 01.

Research interests

My area of interest is early experiences and sensitive periods in chicks and its connection to welfare and domestication.

Research project

In the production industry, chicks are exposed to numerous potential stressors, for example transportation, regroupings, handling and hatching without a mother. It is well-known that early experiences have effects on stress coping in adulthood, and can also have transgenerational effects. By performing behavioural studies combined with hormone measures and gene expression analyses, I want to look more deeply into the long-term effects of early stress, and investigate the presence of senstive periods early in the chicks life.

Teaching (assistant):

Etologi och Djurskydd

Behavioural neurobiology

Introduktion till etologi (distanskurs)

Hundens beteendebiologi I (distanskurs)


E-mail: maria.ericsson@liu.se

Room 3E:645
Campus Valla

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