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Magnus Elfwing

PhD student

The aim of my project is to investigate the impact on stress-coping abilities after demanding experiences during early life. A stressful event early in life has been shown to have lifelong consequences depending on the intensity, timing and duration of the event. Two projects are running in these lines, one is to investigate the lifelong effects after postnatal stress and the second project is focusing on the role of the presence of a mother during the first weeks of the chickens life.

A paralell project about to be launched is to investigate the role of the adrenergic receptor α-2C in domestication. There is evidence that the region for this gene has been selected upon during the domestication process of White Leghorn chickens, and that the gene is hypermethylated suggesting a downregulation of the gene expression. The consequences of these changes are unknown but the receptor is linked to sympathetic pathways including stress responses, motivation, learning and memory.

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