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The AVIAN Behavioural Genomics and Physiology group at Linköping University studies the genetic basis of behaviour and physiology. We are attempting to dissect complex behavioural and physiological traits using modern genetic methods. Although not restricted to it, most of the group’s research focuses on junglefowl and modern chicken breeds selected for farming purposes such as egg productivity or meat yield with the goals of improving poultry welfare and understanding the genetic basis of animal domestication. In spite of the featherered name, research on dogs is also an increasing part of the activities of the group.

The scientific head of the group is Per Jensen, and it comprises five principal investigators and a total of about 35 people, including technicians and masters students. The five PIs and their specialities are as follows (please click to go to the relevant lab page):

Prof. Per Jensen - Behaviour, epigenetics, welfare

Assoc. Prof. Jordi Altimiras - Physiology, welfare, cardiovascular function

Assoc. Prof. Dominic Wright - Genetics, sexual selection, feralisation

Ass. Prof. Hanne Løvlie - Animal personality, sexual selection

Ass. Prof. Urban Friberg - Genetic conflict, sexual conflict

Front row (left to right): Josefina Zidar, Beatrix Agnvall, Mia Ericsson, Per Jensen, Pernilla Foyer, Dominic Wright, Mia Persson, Pia Løtvedt, Rie Henriksen. Second row: Louise Hedlund, Ann-Charlotte Svensson, Andrey Höglund, Hanna Österman, Carlos Guerrero Bosagna. Third row: Lina Roth, Lejla Bektic, Anna-Carin Karlsson, Hanne Løvlie, Els Willems. Last row: Jordi Altimiras, Ann-Sofie Sundman, Petros Batakis, Johan Bélteky, Magnus Elfwing.

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