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MSc theses (exjobb) in conservation ecology

Most of our master students conduct a research project extending over two full semester (60 hp; 60 ECTS) . You can read about completed projects, and even watch some of their presentations   here .





Felicia Alriksson (2015)  Carbon dioxide variation in a Swedish lake measured with high temporal and spatial resolution

Per Gero-Berntsson (2015) Habitat preferences for Zygaena minos at different life stages

Staffan Carlsson (2015) Boxing for biodiveristy : a long term follow up of an artificial dead wood environment

Emma Jansson (2015) Spatial and temporal patterns in methane emissions in a boreonemoral lake

Jesper Karlsson (2015) Land-use history influence the vegetation in coniferous production forests in southern Sweden

Alexander Nilsson (2015) Trapped in the forest: The longhorn beetle Tragosoma depsarium L. in south-east Sweden

Lina Thörnqvist (2015)   Temporal variations in methane emissions from emergent aquatic macrophytes in two boreonemoral lakes

Maria Flink (2014) Burnet moths: fine-scale habitat utilisation

Fia Sundin (2014) Occurence of insects in relation to short term forest fire history 

Johan Molin (2014) Effects of forestry on epiphytic lichens in boreonemoral swamp forests in southern Sweden

Adam Bergner (2014) Influences of forest type and habitat structure on bird assemblages of oak (Quercus spp.) and pine (Pinus spp.) stands in southwestern Turkey

Torbjörn Blixt (2014) Butterflies on clear-cuts with different history

Martin Brusin (2013) Influence of landscape scale and habitat distribution on individual bat species and bat species richness

Juliana Daniel Ferreira (2013) Multi-scale analyses as decision support for conservation of Swedish butterflies

Camilla Jansson (2013) Habitat selection and oviposition of the endangered butterfly Scolitantides orion in Sweden

Suzanne Ostrow (2013) The response of Synanthedon vespiformis to habitat variables at multiple scales 

Lina Sjöstran (2013) When to survey at night - Streamlining bat monitoring efforts in Sweden

Malin Tälle (2013) Management of semi-natural grasslands: long-term effects of grazing, mowing and different mowing techniques

Brenda Akoto  (2012) Is spring burning a viable management tool for species-rich grasslands?

Sofia Nygårds (2012) Habitat quality and landscape factors: how do they affect the distribution of a specialized insect?

Najihah Musa (2012) Using sex pheromone and a multi-scale approach to predict the distribution of a rare saproxylic beetle

Henrik Norman (2012)

Helena Johansson (2011) Comparison of saproxylic beetle assemblages on four different broad-leaved tree species in south-eastern Sweden

Sandra Monsalve Pasapera (2011) Habitat utilization of the endemic poison dart frog Excidobates mysteriosus in north-western Peru

Frida Olsson (2011) Historical landuse do not affect the plant community in semi-natural grasslands

Usman Muhammadi Haider (2011) Spatial pattern of occurrence of eleven epiphytic lichen species in a heterogeneous landscape

Kerem Salanac (2011)

Jenny Ekman (2011) 

Sylvia Pardonnet (2010)  Effect of tree-­fall gaps on fruit-­feeding Nymphalidae assemblages in a Peruvian rainforest

Mattias Ibbe (2010)   Impact of historical land-use on butterfly diversity in clear-cuts in a boreal landscape

Marie Andersson (2009)  Oak (Quercus robur L.) mortaliy in south-eastern Sweden: influence of weather and envirnomental variables

Camilla Sarin (2009)   Habitat utilisation of burnet moths (Zygaena spp.) in southern Sweden: a multi-stage and multi-scale perspective. LiTH-IFM- Ex--2139--SE

Anton Sunnergren (2008)  Tree attributes of foraging middle spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius) and nestingDendrocopos spp. in southern Turkey. LiTH-IFM-A-Ex--08/1969--SE

Åsa Jönsson (2008) Early growth competition between Sorghum bicolor and three subtropical weedy species (Parthenium hysterophorus, Verbesina encelioides and Tagetes minuta) along a water gradient. LiTH-IFM-A-Ex--08/1963—SE.

Henrik Träff (2008) Effects of different land use on numbers and species richness of the wild mammal fauna in northern Botswana and implications for conservation. LiTH-IFM-A-Ex--08/1971--SE.

Victor Johansson (2007) Tree and site quality preferences of six epiphytic lichens growing on oaks in south eastern Sweden. LiTH-IFM-Ex---07/1770---SE.

Martin Planthaber (2007) Great crested newt (Triturus cristatus) as a diversity indicator species and evaluation of sampling methods. LiTH-IFM-Ex---07/1779---SE.

Linnea Wikström (2007) Monitoring of butterflies in semi-natural grasslands: phenology, daily variation and weather effects. LiTH-IFM-Ex---07/1778---SE.

Joakim Sandell (2007) Bumblebee distribution in space and time in three landscapes in southeastern Sweden. LiTH-IFM-Ex---07/1775---SE.

Dennis Jonasson (2007) Monitoring of butterflies  within a landscape context. LiTH-IFM-Ex---07/1771---SE

Libère Nkurunziza (2006) Repeated grading of weed abundance and multivariate methods to improve efficacy in on-farm weed control trials. LiTH-IFM-Ex---06/1636---SE.

Kristina Persson (2006)  Oviposition and habitat preferences of Hamearis lucina in the province of Östergötland, Sweden. LiTH-IFM-Ex---06/1637---SE.

Elin Jansson (2006) Phenology, landscape utilisation and monitoring of bumblebees. LiTH-IFM-Ex---06/1635---SE.

Lena Ask (2005) Importance of surrounding landscape on butterfly communities in Östergötland, Sweden. LiTH-IFM-Ex---05/1469---SE.Habitat quality and landscape factors
- how do they affect the distribution of a specialized insect?

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