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Current Members


Professor Kajsa Uvdal 

Group Leader

Phone number: +46 13 281208

E-mail: kajsa@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Caroline Brommesson

Assistant Professor

Phone number: +46 13 281339 (O); +46 700895144 (M).

E-mail: caroline.brommesson@liu.se

Dr. Zhangjun Hu

Assistant Professor

Phone number: +46 13 281370 (O); +46 700895162 (M)

E-mail: zhahu@ifm.liu.se

Research ID: E-7297-2013

Jiwen Hu

Post Doc

Phone number: +46 

E-mail: jiwenhu@liu.se; hujiwen0635@163.com

Natalia Abrikossova

PhD student

Phone number: +46 13 281370

E-mail: natab@ifm.liu.se

Andreas Skallberg

PhD student

Phone number: +46 13281739 (O); +46 700895313 (M)

E-mail: anska@ifm.liu.se

Peter Eriksson

PhD student

Phone number: +46 1381 473 (O)  070089937(M)


Kalle Bunnfors

PhD student

Phone number: +46  (O) (M)


Dr.  Xuanjun Zhang (on leave)

Assistant professor, Docent 

Email: xuazh@ifm.liu.se

Research interets: Current research interest focuses on two areas:

1) Synthesis of ultrabight semiconducting polymers nanoparticles (Pdots) for bioimaging and sensing;

2) Nanoscale Coordination polymers for light harvesting and biological applications.

Therese Lindkvist

Administrative staff

Phone number: +46 13 282697

E-mail: theli@ifm.liu.se

Former Members


Dr.  Qiong Zhang


E-mail: qiong.zhang@liu.se

Dr. Emanuel Larsson

E-mail: emala@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Guannan Wang


E-mail: guawa77@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Maria Ahrén 

E-mail: marah@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Yang Cui

Visiting PhD Student

E-mail: yancu29@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Linnéa Selegård

E-mail: linol@ifm.liu.se

Linnéa Axelsson

E-mail: linax@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Cecilia Vahlberg

E-mail: cecva@ifm.liu.se

Dr. Rodrigo M. Petoral

A. Sadreev

Visiting scientist        

F. Backman

Project Worker



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Last updated: 08/14/17