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Equipments Used in Research


X-Ray Photo-electron Spectroscopy

X-Ray Photo-electron Spectroscopy (XPS), or Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) as it is also known as, can give information about atomical composition and molecular orientation of surface films.  Our XPS equipment is an UHV-instrument equipped with an XPS, a masspectrometer and the possibility to measure IRAS (Infrared Reflectance Absorbtion Spectroscopy).

Applications: Elementary analysis, Chemical surroundings, Bonds

NEXAFS and high resolution XPS

We are using synkrotronlight, for XPS and NEXAFS studies of aminoacids and peptides och peptides. The figure shows the beamline D1011 at MAX lab in Lund . Further information regarding MaxLab and beamlines, see   http://www.maxlab.lu.se/

Minispec mq60 NMR analyzer

Applications: Measuring relaxation times, T1 & T2


Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Instruments: Fluoromax spectrofluorometer

Applications: Excitation and Emission spectra ~200-800nm

DLS - Dynamic Light Scattering

Application: Hydrodynamic radius of particles in solution

SPR - Surface Plasmon Resonance

Instruments: Biacore (GE), in-house SPR for imaging

Applications: Biomolecular interaction analysis

Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy

Instruments: Bruker IFS66

Applications: Surface structure e.g. molecular conformation, orientation, and molecular packing in the SAMs

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