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The EVENT project aims at strengthening and developing existing crisis management systems by incorporating a detector for unexpected events due to biological and chemical substances, leading to faster actions when terrorist attacks, sabotage or accidents occur. The municipal drinking water system will be used as a test bed for the development of such an event detector connected to the municipal crisis management system, see Fig. 1. Several technologies can be used for local event detection but in this project we have chosen to focus on a technique based on an "electronic tongue". By utilizing this type of non-selective sensor, we will be able to detect a plurality of events without the need of a specific sensor for each type of event.

The project consortium consisted of the Swedish Sensor Centre, S-SENCE, at Linköping University, the City of Linköping, the drinking water supplier Tekniska verken i Linköping AB and Saab, supplier of the crisis management system ISAK.
The final report from the project is available.

Fig. 1. The idea of the EVENT project is to provide a crisis management system with real time data from sensors and is tested by surveillance of a drinking water system with a small network of sensors. For each sensor a local algorithm is developed that can distinguish between normal variations of the drinking water properties and unwanted events. A second network algorithm  evaluates the output from all local sensors and provides the crises management system with information about the status of the drinking water system.

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