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Fredrik Winquist, Prof.

Fredrik Winquist has more than 25 years of experiences from analytical research, and he has authored and co-authored more than 140 scientific papers. His research activities cover a broad span from biosensor activities to semiconductor physics. Initially he studied thermometric sensors in combination with enzymes, and later on he developed an ammonia gas sensitive field effect semiconductor structure, which was also used for biosensor applications. Further development of these types of semiconductor structures eventually led to the concept of electronic noses, which is a combination of gas sensors with overlapping selectivities with pattern recognition routines. Another line of development led to the creation of olfactory images. He was the inventor of the voltammetry based electronic tongue which has proven to give valuable electrochemical information in several online processes. His current interests concern sensor systems, signal fusion, multivariate data analysis, imaging ellipsometry, and biosensors and he is running the BugIT project where insects, that attack and cause serious damage of growing crops, are detected.

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