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Christopher Aronsson, M.Sc.


We all live in a nanoworld. Everything from the tiniest bacterium to the largest of Redwood trees are constructed of nanometer sized building blocks that cooperate to create all living beings. Amino acids that these building blocks are called have existed since the dawn of life and have played an essential role for all life on earth. Every single amino acid is made up of only a few carbon-, oxygen-, hydrogen- and nitrogen atoms but when connected in longer chains, better known as peptides and proteins, the get unique properties. Depending on the order different kinds of peptides emerges – five randomly linked amino acids of the 20 most common ones can give up to 3 000 000 different peptides! This is why peptides are one of the most versatile molecules on earth!

In our research we study how it is possible to control the supramolecular interactions between coiled coil polypeptides and how to use them for different biomedical applications. 


Current research projects

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Christopher Aronsson

Position: PhD-student in Molecular Physics

   Department: IFM


Phone: +46(0) 13 28 46 22

   Email: christopher.aronsson(a)liu.se

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