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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

We share the atomic force microscope (AFM) facilities with other divisions in the Scientific area of Applied Physics.

AFM is a type of scanning probe microscopy, which is primarily used to obtain topographic information of surfaces over length scales from approximately 10 nm up to a few µm. However, the systems we have are multimode systems, permitting a range of different measurement modes and probe techniques.

We currently have three AFM systems up and running, two from Veeco Instruments (now a division of Bruker), one Dimension 3100 SPM equipped with acoustic/vibration isolation system and the VT-102 vibration isolation table. The Di3100 has accessories for MFM, STM, and Nanolithography.

An EnviroScope combines a modular structure with hermetically sealed sample chamber, for measurements in vacuum or in controlled atmospheres.

In addition to these, we also have an old (but still nicely performing) Digital Instruments Nanoscope III, which is used for teaching, but also has a nanoindentation system attached.

For access to the AFMs, or training to become an authorized user, please contact Jörgen Bengtsson (tel: 013-281776, joben@ifm.liu.se).

Dimension 3100 SPM



The instruments are located in room: L215

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