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The Division of Molecular Physics
IFM, Fysikhuset
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping

Phone: +46(0) 13 281247 (Dr. Thomas Ederth, Head of division)
           +46(0) 13 282697 (Therese Lindkvist, administrative assistant)
           +46(0) 13 282577 (Lab)
Fax:     +46(0) 13 137568

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Map over the campus, marked with our building (Fysikhuset). (click to enlarge)


By Car

This map describes the easiest way to the University when arriving by car. (click to enlarge)

By Train/Bus

Linköping is ~2 hours away from Stockholm by train. From the railway station (Resecentrum) bus 12 (direction 'Lambohov') or 20 (direction 'Mjärdevi') will take you to the University and Fysikhuset. The bus stop 'Universitetet' is right outside our building.

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