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Robert Gustavsson

Research engineer

Robert Gustavsson is the division's research engineer and resposible for the laboratories. He is MSc in Eng (civiling) in Chemical Biology from Linköping University with special interest in bioreactor technology and soft sensors. He is also course leader for the course Biotechnology Manufacturing.

Recent publications

Gustavsson R, Lukasser C, Mandenius CF (2015). Control of specific carbon dioxide production in a fed-batch culture producing recombinant protein using a soft sensor. J. Biotechnol. 200, 41-49.

Gustavsson R, Mandenius CF (2013). Soft sensor control of metabolic fluxes in a recombinant fed-batch cultivation producing Green Fluorescent Protein. Bioproc Biosys Eng 36, 1375-1383.

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