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Professor Anthony (Tony) Turner




Professor Turner's name is synonymous with the field of Biosensors and in 2010 he joined IFM-Linköping to create a new Centre for Biosensors and Bioelectronics. His previous thirty-five year academic career in the UK culminated in the positions of Principal of Cranfield University at Silsoe and Distinguished Professor of Biotechnology.

He held a personal chair in Biosensor Technology at Cranfield University from 1989 and retains a part-time position there as Director of Cranfield Ventures Ltd, with responsibility for leveraging Cranfield University's IP via spin outs and licensing. He has a number of honorary and visiting positions elsewhere including Visiting Professor at the University of Florence. Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist at the Gloucestershire NHS Trust in the UK and International Advisory Board Member for Tokyo University of Technology, Japan.

In the UK, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1996, invited to Fellowship of the Institute of Biology in 1999 and the Institute of Physics in 2006.  He was awarded a Higher Doctorate (DSc) for his exceptional contribution to biosensors by the University of Kent in 2001 and an Honorary DSc by the University of Bedfordshire in 2008, where he served as a Governor for six years.  He was admitted to the USA National Academy of Engineering in 2006, for his work on glucose sensors, environmental monitors and synthetic recognition molecules. He won the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) Theophilus Redwood Medal for Analytical Science in 2011 and was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science (IVA) in 2013.

Professor Turner has over 750 publications and patents in the field of biosensors and biomimetic sensors and an Hirsch Index of 62.  He has won a number of prestigious scientific awards and presented well over 400 keynote and plenary lectures at a range of international meetings and honour ceremonies around the world.  He co-founded and has edited the principal journal in the field,  Biosensors & Bioelectronics, since 1985 and edited the first textbook on Biosensors in 1987. He has supervised 45 PhD students, 28 Master dissertations and launched the first Masters courses in the UK in Environmental Diagnostics, Medical Diagnostics and Nanomedicine.


Current activities


Professor Turner has a long track record of blending fundamental research with R&D and consultancy for commercial clients, government bodies and funding agencies. While he also works to develop business fopportunities, his main focus is now on research His current principal  interests are:

  • Next generation fabrication - The fully integrated device
  • Nanobioreactors and smart supramolecular structures
  • Semi-synthetic and synthetic ligands - Plastic antibodies & catalytic electrodes
  • Bioinspired nanotechnologies for sensing and therapy
  • Targeted imagining and release technologies
  • Controlled surface for cellular interaction
  • In vivo devices for regenerative medicine
  • Arrays, biomimetics and tele-interfaces

Innovation and Coordination


Tony Turner has held a range of commercial positions continuously since 1982, commencing with Project Director for MediSense's (Abbott) in vitro diagnostics programme.  In this role he led the team that invented, designed and developed the world's most successful type of biosensor, the mediated amperometric enzyme electrode for glucose for home use.  He continues this commitment to innovation today as a Director for Cranfield Ventures Ltd. and advising Linköping on innovation.  In his thirty years managing and directing commercial R&D he numbers amongst his clients all the major diagnostic companies in the world and numerous other small and large enterprises.  In addition to advising companies and governments worldwide in the general area of analytical biotechnology, he has served as an expert witness in patent litigations and arbitrations on three continents.

He played a key role in coordinating research activities in medical and environmental sensors in the European Union and led concerted actions and thematic networks since 1988.  He founded the World Congress on Biosensors for Elsevier in 1990 and has chaired it since then.


Selected publications


h-index: 62

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Full list

Original Research Papers

Bossi, A. M., Vareijka, M., Piletska, E.V., Turner, A.P.F. , Meglinski , I and Piletsky, S.A. (2013) Ice matrix in reconfigurable microfluidic systems. Laser Physics 23, (in press).

Banerjee, S., Turner, A.P.F. and Sarkar, P. (2013) Amperometric Biosensor for estimation of Glucose-6-phosphate Using Prussian Blue Nanoparticles. Analytical Biochemistry 439, 194-200.

Basak, S.P., Kanjilal, B., Priyabrata Sarkar, P. and Turner, A.P.F . (2013). Application of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and Amperometry in Polyaniline Modified Ammonia Gas Sensor. Synthetic Metals (in press).

Cao, S.,Fang, L., Ge, Y., Chen, J.,Zhang, Y. and Turner, A.P.F. (2013). Creating a Highly Active and Positively Thermosensitive Nanoreactor . Advanced Functional Materials (in press)

Kamayabi, M.A., Hajay, N., Tiwari, A., and Turner, A.P.F. (2013). A high-performance glucose biosensor using covalently immobilised glucose oxidase on a poly(2,6-diaminopyridine) / carbon nanotube electrode. Talanta (in press).

Karimian, N., Vagin, M., Zavar, M., Chamsaz, M., Zohuri , G., Turner, A.P.F.  and Tiwari, A. (2013). An ultrasensitive molecularly-imprinted human cardiac troponin sensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 50, 492-498. 

Karimian, N., Zavar, M.H.A., Chamsaz, M., Turner, A.P.F.  and Tiwari, A. (2013) . On/off-switchable electrochemical sensor for folic acid based on molecularly imprinted technology. Electrochemistry Communications 36, 92–95.

Sekretaryova, A., Vagin, M., Beni, V., Turner, A.P.F. and Karyakin, A. (2014). Unsubstituted Phenothiazine as a Superior Water-insoluble Mediator for Oxidases. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 53, 275–282.


Turner, A.P.F. (2013) Biosensors: sense and sensibility. Chemical Society Reviews 42 (8), 3184-3196. ISSN: 0306-0012 (print) 1460-4744 (web).

Patra, H. and Turner, A.P.F. (2013). The potential legacy of cancer nanotechnology: cellular selection. Trends in Biotechnology (in press).

Turner, A.P.F. (2013) Biosensors: then and now. Trends in Biotechnology 31, 119–120.

Turner, A.P.F. and Gifford, R. (2013 ) Implanted Sensors. In Autonomous Sensor Systems. (Ed. D. Filippini). Springer.pp 159-190

Yarman, A., Scheller, F. and Turner, A.P.F . (2013). Electropolymers for (nano -) imprinted biomimetic sensors . In: Nanosensors for chemical and biological applications (Ed. Kevin C Honeychurch) Woodhead. (in press )


Editorial & Advisory Board




Visiting Positions


University of Florence, Italy (Visiting Professor)

Cranfield University, United Kingdom (Emeritus Professor and Innovations Director)

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, United Kingdom (Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist)

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan (Visiting Professor)

Jiangsu University, China (Adjunct Professor)

Biosensors: An Introduction by Anthony P. F. Turner
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Office: N309

Email: anthony.turner@liu.se

Phone: +46 (0) 13-28 2604


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