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  • We have received funding from VR, the Science Council, for a Framework Grant 2013-2016  on  Recombination and nanostructure in organic solar cells, together with professors Mats Andersson, Chalmers and prof. David Haviland, KTH
  • VINNMER from VINNOVA (RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH) for Investigation on morphology of active layers to improve the efficiency of polymer photovoltaics and Initiate the research activity on polymer electrochromism (EC) for applications in smart window (SW)
  • Funding from Swedish energy agency for Solar Cells Based on Hybrid Zinc Oxide and Conjugated Polymers
  • Funding from Swedish Research Council (VR) for Improve the efficiency of polymer solar cells by controlling morphology and synthesizing polymers with high mobility
  • KAW: The Wallenberg foundation has appointed professor Olle Inganäs a Wallenberg Scholar, with a personal grant for research of 15 Mkr for a time of five years. (see LiU News)
  • Received a 5 year grant from SSF for research in Organic hybrid Printed Electronics and Nanoelectronics, together with M Berggren, ITN, R Forchheimer, ISY and Acreo. We will pursue development of materials and devices based on ordering of electronic polymers with biomacromolecules
  • Energimyndigheten is financing a new project with title of Solution-processed Small Molecule Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
  • Energimyndigheten is  financing  research in organic photovoltaics through "Photocurrent and nanostructure in organic solar cells", 2012-2014. 
  • The Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW) supports the project "Power Papers", where we collaborate with prof. Magnus Berggren, ITN,  Tom Lindström and Lars Wågberg , Innventia, Stockholm to integrate organic electronics with paper technology
  • VR finances through Swedish Research Links the project   " Organiska solceller för Afrika- en allians mellan Linköping och Addis Abeba"  2012-2014, ca 575 kkr, a collaboration with prof.Teketel Yohannes, Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia

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