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Diploma works and Job opportunities

At Applied Sensor Science we work into two main research areas with strong cooperation between university and industry:

  • SiC-FET gas sensors in cooperation with SenSiC AB, Sweden. Contact persons: Dr Donatella Puglisi, Dr Mike Andersson
  • Graphene or other 2D materials based sensors in cooperation with Graphensic AB, Sweden. Contact person: Dr Jens Eriksson

Our group is closely collaborating with two universities abroad, Saarland University in Germany and University of Oulu in Finland. We can help interested students to apply for a travel grant to perform their thesis there. Alternatively, we could organize study visits or other forms of collaborations.

We are always interested in discussion about possibilities to work in or collaborate with our research group. Feel free to contact us to discuss options and possibilities.

Master / Bachelor theses available

At the moment, we have theses available on SiC-FET gas sensors.

These are three examples of possible diploma works at the MSc. or BSc. level:

  • Development and characterization of a gas sensor for specific detection of ethylene. Our target application in this case is fruit storage under specific conditions.
  • Systematic study on deposition techniques and characterization of optimized sensing layers for a specific target application (to be decided together). This study would include intensive materials' development and characterization.
  • Tailoring the performance of an existing gas sensor for specific detection of formaldehyde. Detection of formaldehyde is a hot topic in the field of indoor air quality control (iAQC). This study would include also field tests, signal processing and multivariate statistics. 

Feel free to come back to us for more details.

Contact persons

Dr Donatella Puglisi, email: donpu@ifm.liu.se; phone: 0046 (0) 13 281273; room P307

Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz, email: spetz@ifm.liu.se, phone: 0046 (0) 13 281710; room P309

Ph.D. positions

Not available at the moment.

Postdoctoral positions

Not available at the moment.

Visiting scientists

We are always interested in accommodating visiting scientists in our laboratory for extended research stays. Please, feel free to contact us to discuss options and possibilities.

Responsible for this page: Donatella Puglisi

Last updated: 03/10/17