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Hans Arwin


Laboratory of Applied Optics

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Linköping University

SE-581 83 Linköping

Tel. +46 13 28 1215

Thin Film Optics - Text book

The viridis (2016) edition, 399 pages with problems

  • Optical response
  • Inhomogeneous materials
  • Derived parameters
  • Polarized light
  • Polarizing optical elements
  • Optics of layered media
  • Ellipsometry

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Explore our Ellipsometree

Learn more about our research on polarizing properties of bioreflectors.

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Activities 2018

Apr: h-index increased to 42

Activities 2017

Nov: h-index increased to 41
May: h-index increased to 40
Apr: Became professor emeritus
Mar: h-index increased to 39
Mar: "Docent" committee for Jun Lu

Activities 2016

Dec: External examiner for Luke McDonald, University of Exeter, Dec 12
Dec: Lia Fernandez del Rio defended her thesis Dec 8 (ass supervisor)
Nov: OPS conference, Linköping, Nov 2-3 (2 posters)
Nov: Nordic Ellipsometry Workshop (NEW),  Linköping, Nov 1 (organizer, tutorials)
Sep: h-index increased to 38
Jun: ICSE7, Berlin, June 6-10 (Oral + 3 posters)
Jun: Member of Paul Drude committe ICSE7
Jun: Member of Advisory board ICSE7
Jun: Member of International Advisory Committee, CIMTEC, Perugia, June 5-9
May: Visit to J. A. Woollam co., Inc., Lincoln, May 9-10 (invited seminar)
May: Living Light 2016, San Diego, May 4-6 (Oral 0+ 2 posters)
May: Member of International Organizing Committee, Living Light 2016, San Diego, May 4-6

Activities 2015

Dec: The Ph D course "Polarized Light" was given (Oct+Nov)
Dec: Jonas Bergqvist defended his thesis, Dec. 17 (Ass supervisor)
Jul: h-index increased to 37
Jun: h-index increased to 36
Apr: Examination committee, Saarland  University, April 24
Apr: Christina Åkerlind defended her Lc Thesis (Ass supervisor)
Mar: Visit to J. A. Woollam co., Inc., Lincoln, March 16-17
Mar: SPIE, Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication V, San Diego March 8-12 (Invited talk)
Feb: Workshop Ellipsometrie 9, 2015 at Twente Universiteit (Invited turorial + poster)
Feb: The course Material Optics was given (Jan + Feb)

Activites 2014

Dec: Examiner for Roger Magnusson, December 12 (PhD defense)
Nov: Visit to J. A. Woollam Co. Inc., Lincoln, November 15-18 (seminar)
Nov: Participated in AVS61, Baltimore, November 9-14 (oral presentation)
Aug: AFM conference, Kolmården, August 20 (3 posters)
May: Examination committee, Chalmers University of Technology, May 23
Apr: Participated in Living Light 2014 in Namur, April 10-12 (2 posters)
Mar: Participated in Workshop Ellipsometrie, Dresden, March 10-12 (3 posters)
Jan: The course Material Optics was given (Jan+Feb)

Activities 2013

Dec: h-index increased to 35
Oct: Visit to J.A.Woollam Co., Inc. and University of Nebraska, Lincoln, October 14-21
Sep: Visiting scientist at Ecóle Polytechnique and CNRS in Paris, September 3-27
Sep: Lived in guest room at the Swedish Institute in Paris. More info.
May: Tutorial lectures on subject "Anisotropy" at ICSE-VI, Kyoto, May 26
May: Member of the advisory and the Paul Drude committees, ICSE-VI, Kyoto
May: Invited lecture at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, May 21. More info.
Apr: Invited lecturer at Ellipsometry Workshop, Universiteit Twente, April 11
Mar: Ph D course in ellipsometry, University of Zilina, Slovakia
Feb: Examination committee, Chalmers University of Technology, February 27
Oct: (- April 28, 2013) Exhibition about beetles at NANO, Norrköpings Visualiseringscenter

Activities 2012

Dec: Carl Tryggers foundation granted the project "Chitin Structures for Multifunctional Technical Applications"
Nov: Examination committee, Lund University, November 8
Oct: Seminar at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, October 30
Oct: H-index increased to 33
: Invited talk at E-MRS in Warzaw, September 17-21
Aug: Invited talk at IMRC, Cancun, August 12-17
Jun: Member of habilitation committe, Grenoble, June 5
May: Oral presentation at E-MRS, Strasbourg, May 14-18
Apr: Participation in META12 in Paris, April 19-22
Apr: Oral presentation at AES12 in Paris, April 16-18
Mar: H-index increased to 32
Mar: Invited talk at "Infinity day" at Linköping University, March 23
Mar: Interview about writing poems on exams - Studentradion Uppsala, March 19
Mar: Invited talk at WSE12 in Leipzig, March 5-7
Jan: Started to work 20% at Impact Coatings AB
Jan: Reportage i LiU Magasin nr 1, 2012 sidan 24  "Poesi på optiktentan"

Activities 2011

May: Oral presentation at E-MRS Spring Meeting, Nice, May 9-13
May: Invited speaker at ICMCTF, San Diego, May 2-6
Apr: Faculty opponent for Josefine Selj, University of Oslo, April 1
Mar: Evaluator for "Docent" application Hans Sohlström, KTH
Feb: Participated in 6th Workshop Ellipsometry, Berlin, February 21-24

Activities 2010

Oct: Oral presentation at AVS 57th Int. Symposium & Exhibition, October 17-22, Albuquerque
May: Invited plenary talk at 5th Int Conf on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, May 23-28, Albany

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